The art of scientific writing

Every now and then, most of us have to write an article, a report, paper or dissertation. No matter the significance of your research findings, being able to put them in writing correctly, matters just as much. Here are a few helpful tips to bear in mind when writing that scientific paper or dissertation.

  1. Thesis Structure: Before you begin, you should arrange all you are going to write in a logical order. Divide your work into chapters/sections, starting from the Introduction to the Conclusion. Itemize your key findings and how they fit into the story you want to convey, and organize your tables and figures accordingly.
  2. Where to start: It’s advisable to start with your methodology, then the results and discussion, conclusion , literature review, abstract, and finally the introduction. Never start with the introduction, as it can be quite demanding. Bedsides, you will have a clearer picture of what the content of the introduction should be, once you have concluded other chapters/sections.
  3. The methodology: This includes the materials or data sets you used in carrying out your research. It should also include a description of the procedure, whether experimental or field-based. Ensure you correctly reference the sources of all adopted procedures. Also include the details of whatever equipment you used, including the name of the manufacturer and the model name or number.
  4. Next is the chapter/section that presents and discusses your results. Arrange your results in such a way that your most significant finding/contribution to knowledge is the climax of the chapter. Clearly explain your results with tables and figures. It’s also important that you compare your results with previous findings from the literature. You need to be able to explain the novelty of your findings in clear and concise terms. ¬†After this, pen down your conclusions and recommendations in the next and final chapter.
  5. References: This section is very important. Ensure you stick to a specific referencing style.

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